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Universal In-Screed Floor Boxes

Universal In-Screed Floor Boxes

The standard Aitkens In-Screed type floor box range of products are produced and designed in a universal entry format, to utilise a common adjustable base box assembly with interchangeable side plates to provide the user with a totally flexible unit.

Primarily the system comprises two assemblies, being the ‘Floor Service Outlet Box’ unit and ‘Floor Junction Box’ unit.

The service outlet box unit is designed for primary use as a through format unit, with provision for installation of power and data services. Each primary compartment is provided with two integral 1-gang cut-outs to accept a wide range of conventional
86mm format outlets, with the option of utilising FP type standard outlet plate options (see page 42) with standard Aitkens reversible hinged tray and surround trim.

The junction box unit is provided in a versatile multiway format, incorporating a universal flyover unit. The tray lid is provided as a ’fixed’ type utilising standard surround trims.

Boxes are provided pre-set at 70mm with the ability to be adjusted +/- 5mm. Other depths are available on request.

Floor service outlet
Typical Floor Service Outlet Box assembly
Part Reference Code
Standard Recess Type
primary compt'strim typeover-trim size (mm)box type6mm
3plastic moulded steel coated brushed stainless brass279 x 240service boxISC22525SB
3plastic moulded steel coated brushed stainless brass279 x 240universal junction boxISC22525JB
universal side platesplain 020mm conduit entryISB3PS
universal side platesplain 025mm conduit entryISB3CS