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Modular Flush Floor

Modular Flush Floor

Section Length

Produced in a standard 2m length format, this unit comprises body, 5 modular covers, section coupler and associated fixings.

Riser Bend

Provided for interconnecting system to supply source or skirting trunking system.

Modular Outlet Box

Produced as a complete assembly, this unit adopts the standard Aitkens Hinged Tray Lid and Carpet Surround Trim coupled with a single piece subframe and modular lid. The unit is produced to accept outlet mounting plates.

Junction Box

Supplied as a universal part, the unit is supplied with three plain sides to facilitate use as a bend, tee or intersection. Also included within the unit is a full segregation flyover assembly.

End Cap

To properly terminate the Section Length where required.

Modular Flush Floor

Aitkens Modular Flushfloor Trunking is manufactured as standard in 2.0m lengths, from high quality galvanised steel to BS EN 10327 : 2004, and features 400mm modular covers throughout to permit service outlet units to be fitted in any position within the trunking section run.

Covers are produced from 3mm thick steel, and are retained by machine screws into specialist cover fixing bridges to ensure complete flexibility. Section partitions are designed as a two part unit to match modular covers to minimise site installation costs.

The system includes a comprehensive range of components, to complete a full product listing.

 Part Reference
2m - 320 x 65mm
3 compartment trunking length (supplied with coupler)
320mm coupler unitAFF323CS
320 x 65mm riser bend assemblyAFF323IB
universal intersection unit assemblyAFF323JB
320 x 65mm end cap unitAFF323EC