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In-Screed Floor Ducting

In-Screed Floor Ducting

Section Length

Produced in a standard 3m length format from pre-galvanised steel in accordance with the requirements of BS4678 Part 2, this unit comprises body, cover, section coupler mid section clamp and associated fixings.

Universal Junction Box

Designed as a complete assembly, nominally 260 x 260mm, comprising Trap and Carpet Trim, adjustable depth base box unit and integral segregation flyover assembly.

Riser Bend

Provided for interconnect system to supply source or skirting trunking system.

Service Outlet Box

Produced in a through format, the unit comprises trap and edge trim assembly, adjustable depth base box unit and segregation unit.


Aitkens In-Screed Floor Duct System is manufactured from galvanised steel in accordance with BS EN 10327 : 2004 and is designed to comply with the requirements of BS4678 Part 2.

The duct incorporates an integral quick assembly coupler and intermediate fixing clamps, to ensure an efficient site installation.

Couplers and intermediate fixing are pierced to accommodate fixings to floor slab.

The standard system is designed around a screed variance of 65 – 75mm, however non-standard variations are available on request.

 Part Reference
3m - 225 x 25mm
3 compartment ducting length (supplied with coupler & intermediate clamp)
225 x 25mm coupler assemblyISC22525CS
225 x 25mm riser bend assemblyISC22525IB
225 x 25mm horizontal bend assemblyISC2252FB